Sacred Heart of Jesus

O Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, in your wounds I find my consolation, in your pierced heart I find a companion for my sorrows. O most Sacred Heart of Jesus, in you heart’s joy I find contentment, in your purity I find my hope. O most Sacred Heart of Jesus, in the radiant light streaming from your heart my blindness disappears; in your fiery love I am ablaze with awe. O most Sacred Heart of Jesus, in your humiliation I can bear scorn from others, in your longings I am fulfilled. O most Sacred Heart of Jesus, in the blood and water which gushed forth from your lanced heart I am reborn in you; you refresh my very being.

Forever beating in the love of the Holy Trinity is found your human heart, authoring life and radiating eternal affection. Would that I could find God’s treasure, it would be found in a humble and contrite heart. You by your divinity know all things divine and by your humanity feel all things human. By the mystery of your Sacred Heart, you have united man to yourself forever. Hold back nothing from me that could draw me more completely into the deepest recesses of your heart. Whether peace or distress, bliss or grief, I accept all as an invitation to know you and love you more profoundly. O Lord, perfect me in your love, confirm me in your grace and take delight in the richness of my surrender. Where your treasure lies there you will find my heart. Amen.